Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping is above all a tool to assess the quality of service,  organization and management, rather than a market research technique.

Mystery shopping generally reviews how staff perform against pre -determined standards during an interaction with a customer and some way reporting back on their experiences in a detailed and objective way.303

Island Agencies  started  mystery shopping from march 2016

Focus on surveying the Egyptian market to establish mechanisms to  measure and improve levels of service. through well trained & professional team work.

We are looking to be the pioneer in this field by following  this principal values:

  • The objective of a mystery shopping project should be to provide management information on processes and/or quality of service, in order to aid re-training plans and improvements in service. The objective is to increase customer  satisfaction ,advocacy and   loyalty .
  • Mystery shopping reports must not be used as the sole justification for dismissals or reprimands.
  • Any mystery shopping agency must ensure that their client is aware of the provisions made in these Hispanic man working in home officeGuidelines  and obtain agreement that both parties accept them as the basis for the projects.
  • Advisory – It is recommended that these Guidelines be attached to proposals and contracts, or provided via a link to the corresponding section of the MSPA website.
  •   All work must  be conducted within the law (social, tax, data protection etc) of the country where the fieldwork is being conducted, regardless of the country of origin of the agency.