Solar water heating systems

Solar water heating systems

Solar water heating systems :

Island Agencies is your best choice if you are planning for shift to solar energy. Neither for it is an environmental power source nor it offers a low price.


  • Sheet Metal Forming:
    304 quality chrome steel sheet metal roll that comes to our factory, is sized to the required sizes with CNCcontrolled automatic sheet metal sizing machinery. Then we can make forming applications comfortablywith CNC controlled PUCH (hole drilling) machine with high sensitivity. By using press brake automationtechnology to the sheet metal on which processes are done, we reach perfect and fast bending results. Thesheet metals which are bent fully and with correct angles using this technology are bent more faultlessly.
  • Welding:
    Welding operations are made with CNC controlled Cartesian robots untouched by humanhands. Thus highest welding quality in each product is caught and human health is protected.By means of CNC controlled automatic fed laser welding technology used in the collector productionwe can weld the aluminum surfaces faultlessly. On the other hand, the selective surfaces whichare welded with the laser welding machine are 0,792 more effective according to the other weldingtypes. This proportion provides the liquid which travels in the panel, reach a higher temperature.
  • The Polyurethane Line:
    Via its CNC controlled polyurethane line which is the first and the unique in this sector in Turkey,1 polyurethane tank is produced per 50 seconds without any human hand touch. Besides this by meansof pre-heating and mould room, the polyurethane quality of each product becomes the same.