Cleaning machines

Cleaning machines

Cleaning machines :

Island Agencies is the perfect supplier for a Varity of Turkish cleaning machines for the commercial purpose such as:

  • Wet-DryWet & Dry Vacuum MACHINE.

    These wet& dry vacuum cleaners for a wide range of professional applications with 1400 watt motor and larger stainless steel or plastic in 20 WDP tank capacity.
    Double-stage suction turbine enables longer motor life and power control.
    Cloth filter minimizes the dust that is collected in the tank passing into the air.
    Ideal weight distribution is supported by a metal trolley.
    Paper bag, cloth filter or cartridge filter should be taken before wet suction.
  • Compact-scrubbersCompact scrubbers :

    These compact scrubbers have solution tanks that transfer the solution to floor and scrub all kindof floor than suck the dirty water with their squeegees to dirty water tanks.
    Models Swift 50E and50BM are suitable for 1500/m² medium size places; models 561B and 701B are ideal for 2000/ m²bigger size places.
  • Super-scrubbersSuper scrubbers :Super scrubberis used for areas bigger than 4000 m².
    Although your decision defined according to thecondition of the establishment, we suggest you to ask our sales persons to find out the ideal model.This machine used as ride-onand enable to do cleaning in long hours without tiring efforts.
    It cleans big areas in short times.
    This model has 4 wheelsto keep machine balanced. The battery charger is on the machine and enables to charge the machine in every availableplug easily
  • Single disc scrubbers :These perfectly dimensioned machines are ideal for applications requiring professional equipment but at the same time need to be light, portable and easy handling.
    It’s Perfect floor maintenance for limited and obstructed areas for stripping ,scrubbing and buffing of all floor types through to rotary carpet shampooing. The motor unit has been positioned towards the front of the machine to provide optimum balance andmaneu verability.
    The chassis is strong and durable and fitted with large wheels for easy transport. The Power Disc is a high torque belt driven unit which is very quiet and vibration free. This high torquetrans mission also ensures maximum cleaning performance. The molded shock absorbing brush guard gives all round protection to skirting boards and furniture, the profile of the guard is molded ready to fitthe vacuum skirt.
    Also with dry foam system you can clean your carpets without any damp.
  • Vacuum cleaning machines :This type of vacuum cleaners ideal for industrial use especially wood processing and textile factories.There are 38 or 50 mm diameter hose and accessories options; also you can choose mono or three models. In higher and powerful suctions cloth filtermust be used to protect the motor.
    Three phase models preferred inLong time use.
  • cleaning trolley :Island is offering cleaning trolley which is more than just a cleaning trolley – it is a rolling cleaning headquarters. Add to that you can customize it for your requirements readings differently-sized base plates from the modular building-block system and combine them firmly with one another in Plug & Play.
    The construction with smooth surfaces and the drawer-like alignment of the containers makes optimum use of space.