Cimpor Group

Cimpor Group: Amreyah Cement Co
  • Contract agreement for the cleaning of the production line .
  • Agreement for management &operation of the cleanness service of the bags factory .
  • Contract for the general cleaning of the company production units .
  • Management and operation of cleaning services company offices and Security .
  • Contract for private cars rental .
  • Renting cars for Employees transportation to/from the plant (trucks-Double Cabinet- Public Transportation .
  • Transportation for employees .
  • Supplying drivers
  • Supplying Labors to work on the production line elevator.
  • Agreement to carryout the civil maintenance
  • Management & operation of the company’s restaurant contract .
  • Management and operating services for packing and delivering .
  • Yearly contract for buying (steel – stainless – wood –used barrels) .
  • Supplying of drinking water gallons& water machines to the company .
  • Overall maintenance yearly .