No doubt that Facility Management services (F.M.S) have become one of the main pillars of modern societies, especially in light of the tremendous developments in the industry in the world. Island Agencies S.A.E has played a pivotal role to offering its services to well-estimated companies & governmental organizations, depending on one of the newest technics & professional stuff. Island Agencies was and will remain a key partner and a witness to the rise of the FMS, and an active element in the push forward the comprehensive development process in Egypt.


I have the honor to assume responsibility for this imposing edifice, looking forward to the completion of the development process with some of the best workers, employees and managers, we are, in Island believe entitlement our client to get the best, and then we’ll make more effort to provide services that will satisfy the aspirations of our customers. Not only that, but we also look forward to the future to offer more than their expectations.

Island is a leading company in the field of FMS employs nine hundred employees & workers, spare no effort or time to reach customers and make the best out, and ensure they have a unique and distinct experience of FMS services.


Island wants to thank our customers for their participation and trust precious in their company, where the company considers as a “partner of success “, and then we want to continue offering them our best efficiency and the highest levels of quality and professionalism FMS.


finally … I’d like to welcome all our website visitors, which is one of the important channels to communicate with the esteemed company’s customers, which provides a good opportunity to learn about the activities of the company, its history, its vision and the services provided, as Island welcomes to communicate with the participation of site visitors their opinions and suggestions constructive, including a positive impact on operations development and modernization of the system to work within the company